In this part of our website we will advise You about everything concerning the arrangement of the funeral and other things related to it. You will learn about everything what is necessary to do after the death of Your loved one.

Our funeral service will arrange all the possible formalities for You, but some must be done personally by the one who is ordering a funeral. Here are some advices.

Procedure imeddiately after death 

In the case of death at home You need to call a Doctor. The Doctor will examine the deceased and make out a „Inspection sheet of the deceased“ which You will keep. Then you call nonstop line 602 210 601 of our funeral service. In Prague, we usually come within 30-60 min. At the transportation we follow the law n. 256/2001 about funeral services as amended by act n.67/2006. You can give the inspection sheet to our employees and they will proceed it to the competent authorities.

In the case of death in hospital or medical institution,the facility will do that for You. 

For ordering a funeral please come to one of our local offices

Documents for arranging the funeral

  • ID of the deceased, ID of the person ordering a funeral
  • Birth or marriage certificate of the deceased 
  • Children under 15 y. Birth certificate and both parents ID

Documents for funeral can be added later

Clothes for the deceased 

We will need clothes for the deceased for the funeral. If that is not possible, we will dress the deceased in our grave shroud. We can take over the clothes in our office at the ordering of the funeral.


On the funeral – Please come 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony to the waiting room for the mourners, where you can set the details of the funeral, selection of songs, or with speaker about the speech. Please check if the name or degree of the deceased on the sign in Ceremony hall is correct. Identification of the deceased is possible 30 minutes before the ceremony if the hygienic norms are allowing.

Handing over the Urn

The Urn will be ready to collect 2 days after the cremation in the Crematory, which is marked on the Certificate of the Urn issuing, which You will obtain when ordering a funeral.Deposing the Urn in the Crematory is free of charge for 2 months, for every started month Crematory charges a fee
by the price list of the Crematory. You can set the date of the ash scattering, deposit or transportation of the Urn at the Cemetery office.


Farewell without the ceremony – Deceased is transported to the Crematory, where cremation will take place, or in case burial without the participation of relatives or friends

Farewell with the Ceremony – Deceased is transported to the Crematory, at the set date and hour
the Ceremony is held with the participation of relatives and friends

Church Funeral Ceremony – It is held in Churches by religion

Burial – Placing the deceased in a grave or a tomb

Disperse of ashes – It takes place on a cemetery on the scattering lawns

Pouring the ashes – Ash is poured in excavated hole and it is covered with grass or epitaph plate at home or cemetery


Identity card and death certificate 

You gave the identity card of the deceased when ordering a funeral. After the funeral, it will be passed with the Inspection sheet of the deceased to the register at the place of death. On the basis of these documents register will release a death certificate. It is send to You in 4 weeks after the funeral. Heritage procedure is led by District Court at the place of residence of the deceased by local notary which informs relatives about the inheritance procedure.

Applications for a widow pension is arranged by the Prague (or local) social security administration


Applications for a widow or orphan pension if the deceased was working, is arranged by his employer. Death and marriage certificate is needed. If both married couple are retired, last pension assessments are required..

Entitlement for time off during funeral 

You are entitled for time off with wage compensation while arranging a funeral:

  • 3 days in case of death of husband, wife, child or partner
  • 2 days in case of death of relative or person living in the same household

We will provide a certificate for your employer
(Relevant legislation norms - as amended
Annex to government regulation n.590/2006 sb
Time off with wage compensation will be provided
a)2 days In case of husband, partner or a child's death and next day for funeral attendance
b)1 day for attendance at funeral of co workers parents and siblings,his husband or wife parents and siblings as long as his children husband or wife or his siblings husband or wife and next day if the person is arranging the funeral for these
c)Strictly necessary time,1 day the most for attending the funeral of co workers grandparents or grandson or grandparents of his husband or wife or other person who lived with the coworker in the same household at the time of death, and next day if the person is arranging the funeral for these

State contribution – funeral benefit 

It is paid by the law n.117/1995 § 47
Conditions for entitlement for funeral benefit
1)Entitlement for funeral benefit applies for person arranging a funeral for
a)a dependent child to the day of death
b)person who was a depended child parent to the day of death
if the child or person mentioned in b) had permanent residence in Czech Republic.
2)if more persons fulfil the conditions to be entitled for funeral benefits, benefit is pay only at one time basis to the person who claims the first
Entitlement for funeral benefit starts with the day of the funeral due to special law regulation 48 a
(Law n.256/2001 about undertaking and about change of some laws as amended)

State contribution (funeral benefit) is 5000 CZK. In case of fulfilling of the conditions, benefits can be requested at the contact places of the state and social support at the place of permanent residence of the person arranging the funeral. Death certificate is requested with the application form along with the invoice and receipt You obtained at the funeral arrangements (you can obtain necessary forms at the place where you are requesting for benefits). Claim must be made not later than one year after the funeral.
Right to claim for benefits has the person ordering the funeral.