We will help You in difficult moments. Call nonstop on number 602 210 601 

For transportation of the deceased please call 

Nonstop tel. 602 210 601 

For ordering a funeral and arranging related services call number

Call number 602 210 601

(You can call 24/7).


Funeral servise Helfi will arrange complex funeral service

Do You need to arrange a funeral?Our funeral service Helfi offers complex funeral service, so the mourning family does not have to deal with burden issues in that situation.
Our main region is Prague and nearby, but we also provide transportation of the deceased anywhere in Czech Republic or transportation from abroad. In Prague region we can be at the place within 30 minutes. In case of death of your loved one, we can help You arrange the funeral and complete all needed formalities. Funeral service Helfi provides transportations of the deceased, coffins, urns, funeral bouquets,wreaths and obituaries. We can advise You even with the choice of the funeral songs.
Our funeral service Helfi provides burials, cremations, Church funerals and civil ceremonies.

Funeral services – Arranging at your home 

We want to make your difficult situation easier as possible, so if You would like, our employees can come to your home where we can arrange the details in your nearest surroundings. We can advise you what is necessary to arrange for your loved one. Employees of our funeral service Helfi can do the possible things for You. After the death of your loved one we will ensure complete funeral service – from the cremation to the funeral music. If you want us to come, please call 602 210 601

Burial – burial of the deceased

Prague funeral service Helfi ensures all funeral services. If you would like, we can bury the deceased into the grave. After the funeral ceremony we transport the coffin to the cemetery where we bury the deceased into the grave. Funeral service Helfi Praha will ensure anything You would like – excavation of the grave, speaker and music. If you need to arrange a funeral just call us, we will gladly help you at your difficult situation. Based on your requirements, we can arrange not only a funeral, but also all the services related
All funeral services provided in Prague by our funeral service, are provided exclusively by us. That is why we can guarantee You highest level of all services offered by our Funeral service. 


Funeral service Helfi also offers cremations of the deceased.Mourners can be present at the act.Our funeral service Helfi provides all the funeral services.Cremations can be held at these objects:
Crematory Praha Strašnice Great Ceremony Hall,Crematory Praha Strašnice Small Ceremony Hall, Crematory Praha Na Olšanech New Ceremony Hall, Crematory Praha Crematory at the Motol Hospital, Crematory Praha Central Ceremony Hall Na Olšanech, Crematory Praha Vinohrady Chapel.

Providing the Urn or the coffin 

Coffins and Urns we are offering are in different price categories. Our funeral service is providing
the best quality Coffins and Urns. After the death of Your loved ones, tell us how You would like the funeral should be held, so we can show you which coffins and urns we offer. The choice is fully Yours

Funeral Bouquets, funeral music, Coffins, Urns, obituaries 

Our funeral service provides all funeral services – when ordering a funeral, You can choose not only from coffins and urns, but also live funeral bouquetes, artificial ones, live funeral wreaths or the artificial ones. Choice of the funeral flowers is on your decision, You can choose from a wide range of flowers, we will also be pleased to satisfy your individual wishes. We also offer Obituaries (wide range of motives), and we would be pleased to help You with the choice of the funeral music. 

Prepaid Funeral

Funeral service Helfi offers You possibility to pay the funeral in the form of instalments in advance. In the world it is a common thing to pay the funeral in advance. If You choose to pay the funeral in advance You will be sure that the funeral will be held exactly as You wanted. You will know that no one could change or otherwise influence the funeral. Prepaid funeral can be verify at the notary office, so all incorrect handling with money can be eliminated. If You want to be sure that the funeral will be held as You wanted, please visit any of our offices or call number 602 210 601.We will be pleased to provide You with further informations. You can call 24/7.

Funeral service Helfi and our local branches 

Funeral service Helfi insists on professional and ethical approach of our employees. We provide all funeral services fully with our own skills. Our funeral service Helfi offers not only complex funeral services but also reasonable prices. If You order a funeral at us, You will be sure that the last farewell with Your loved one will be held in dignity and as You wanted.

Funeral service Helfi – Prague 3 

Funeral service Helfi,Kubelíková 53 Praha 3, Mo-Fri 8am-4pm


Funeral service Helfi – Prague 4

Funeral service Helfi, Pod Višňovkou 1661/35, Praha 4 Krč

Bosch building, opposite to Thomayer's hospital

Mo-Fri 8am-4:30pm

(Sat,Sun and holidays 9am-13pm)


Funeral service Helfi – Prague 9

Funeral service Helfi, Freyova 235/7 Praha 9, Mo-Fri 8am-4pm


Funeral service Helfi – Prague 10 

Funeral service Helfi, U Vršovického hřbitova 7(U Slávie)Mo-Fri 8am-15:30pm


Funeral service Helfi – Benešov 

Funeral service Helfi, Pražská 124, Mo-Fri 8am-15:30pm